International Journal of Genetics and Genomics

Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2019

  • Comparing Yield Performance and Morpho-agronomic Characters of Landraces and Released Varieties of Field Pea (Pisumsativum L.) at Agarfa and Goro Woredas, Bale Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia

    Benti Ofga

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2019
    Pages: 34-49
    Received: Apr. 05, 2019
    Accepted: Jun. 01, 2019
    Published: Jul. 26, 2019
    Abstract: Sixteen Field Pea varieties (8 of them farmers’ varieties and 8 of them improved varieties) were tested to compare yield performance and morpho-agronomic characters among the traits on the seed yield. The genotypes were grown in Randomized complete block design at Goro and Agarfa community seed bank in 2017/18. Analysis of variance revealed that th... Show More
  • Inherited Cryptic Translocation t(12;17)(q24.3;p13.3) Causing Recurrence of Miller-Dieker Syndrome

    Elenice Ferreira Bastos, Carlos Roberto da Fonseca, Ingrid Bendas Feres Lima, Maria de Jesus Esteves Camilo, Kleber da Silva Figueiredo, Anna Luiza Vaz Serrão, Sara Fabíola da Silva Oliveira, Lucia de Fatima Marques de Moraes, Juan Clinton Llerena Jr.

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2019
    Pages: 50-54
    Received: May 17, 2019
    Accepted: Jun. 26, 2019
    Published: Jul. 31, 2019
    Abstract: The Miller-Dieker syndrome (MDS) is a severe neurological disorder characterized by lissencephaly, facial dysmorphies, global developmental delay and severe seizures. A deletion at 17p13.3, including the lissencephaly gene (LIS1), is usually present as part of a contiguous gene syndrome. Around 20% of case LSI1 gene is resulting from inherited bala... Show More
  • Identification of Potential Methylation Regions of the Smad4 mRNA and Determining Primer Sequences for MS-PCR with the ‘Methprimer’ Program

    Metin Budak, Ugur Ozkan, Mustafa Yildiz

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2019
    Pages: 55-59
    Received: Jul. 16, 2019
    Accepted: Aug. 12, 2019
    Published: Aug. 20, 2019
    Abstract: SMAD4 is a member of an intracellular signaling pathway protein family that is widely expressed in human tissues. This protein is responsible for carrying a chemical signal from the cell membrane to the nucleus. Since reduced SMAD4 expression leads to several tumors and neural disease, it is important to elucidate the mechanisms affecting the expre... Show More
  • Measurement of Short Telomere Load in Individual Cells

    Fang Wang, Leroy Robinson, Yael Kramer, Keri Kalmbach, Paula Andrea Navarro, Ricardo Pimentel, Xinghua Victor Pan, Sherman Weissman, Lin Liu, David Keefe

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2019
    Pages: 60-68
    Received: Jul. 01, 2019
    Accepted: Aug. 03, 2019
    Published: Aug. 23, 2019
    Abstract: Increasing evidence demonstrates that shortest more than mean telomere length predicts telomere dysfunction and genomic instability in association with a number of conditions, including cell senescence, aging and tumorigenesis. We developed Universal Single Cell Single Telomere Length Analysis (USC-STELA), based on a PCR-amplification and southern ... Show More
  • Variation of Pollination Rate on Eucalyptus grandis and E. tereticornis

    Shijun Wu, Jianmin Xu, Zhaohua Lu, Wenzhong Guo

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2019
    Pages: 69-71
    Received: Jul. 15, 2019
    Accepted: Aug. 13, 2019
    Published: Aug. 26, 2019
    Abstract: The most widely used clones were all breed by artificial hybrids steps in China, therefore it is important to research on pollination rate. Three individual trees of E. grandis and E. tereticornis were selected as female while the pollen of hybrid clone DH32-29, E. grandis, E. pellita, E. tereticornis and E. urophylla were collected as male. The re... Show More
  • Fraser Syndrome: A Report of a Case from Bamako

    Rodrigue Romuald Elien Gagnan Yan-zaou-tou, Seydou Bakayoko, Seydou Diallo, Aïssata Simaga, Hamadoun Diallo, Mahamat Adam Dicko, Jean Michel Mbaïkoua, Barmax Bodjerno Dossou, Mamassilé Clement Bagouya, Japhet Pobanou Thera

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2019
    Pages: 72-74
    Received: Aug. 08, 2019
    Accepted: Aug. 26, 2019
    Published: Sep. 09, 2019
    Abstract: Fraser syndrome is a rare autosomal resecessive polymalformatif syndrome whose main manifestations are: the cryptophtalmia, syndactylies, visceral and urogenital defects. We report the case of a 6 year old child, 3rd child of a sibling of 3 children from consanguineous marriage, without antecedents personal and family, received in consultation at C... Show More
  • Molecular Analysis of Leptin Gene Polymorphism in Achai, Sahiwal Cattle and Nili-ravi Buffalo Breeds of Pakistan

    Nasir Abbas, Muhammad Suleman, Aamer Bin Zahur, Abdul Ghafoor, Farooq Rashid, Amin Ullah Jan, Fazal Akbar, Shahid Ali, Abdul Aziz, Ziaul Islam, Abdullah Shah

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2019
    Pages: 75-79
    Received: Apr. 03, 2019
    Accepted: May 17, 2019
    Published: Sep. 23, 2019
    Abstract: Pakistan is blessed with rich sheep genetic resources and being a source of milk, meat and wool sheep breeds are reared across the country. Despite its great economic importance very limited work has been done in Pakistan on sheep genetic exploration. Leptin hormone plays important role in milk yield, body weight, energy balance, feed intake, immun... Show More
  • Prediction of the Structure and Mutations Instability of the Med12 Exon2 Gene in Uterine Fibroids in Senegalese Women

    Keneme Bineta, Ciss Daouda, Ka Sidy, Dem Ahmadou, Sembene Pape Mbacke, Serigne Magueye Gueye

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2019
    Pages: 80-87
    Received: Sep. 09, 2019
    Accepted: Sep. 20, 2019
    Published: Sep. 30, 2019
    Abstract: Uterine fibroids are benign proliferations of slow evolution. They are associated with significant morbidity and constitute a real public health problem. Despite the large-scale medical and financial burden posed by uterine fibroids, the functional roles of the various factors and genes involved in their etiology and growth remain unclear. This sho... Show More